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Available Services

Parcel Shipping

We ship through all major carriers Worldwide!
UPS - USPS - DHL - FedEx


USPS Stamps
Single - Books - Rolls

Boxes and More!

Freight Shipping

We work with 15+ freight companies to find the best price for you!
LTL freight shipping and receiving, up to 2500lbs.

Faxing & Scanning

Single Page: $1.50

Multi-Page: 80¢ each

Private Mailboxes are great for both personal and business use, they also function as a true physical address for banking and tax purposes. Also enjoy discounted parcel receiving rates!

Pay as you go parcel receiving accounts, only pay when you come to pick up.

After Hours Pick-Up Lockers available upon request.

Basic Copies
& Printing

Black & White: 23¢ each

Basic Color: 33¢ each

Come in for your dose of humorous greeting cards!


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